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At once an achievement of ethnomusicology and artistic innovation,
Jacques Schwarz-Bart’s revelatory new album,
Jazz Racine Haïti fuses modern jazz and Haitian ritual music.

Featuring haunting vocals by voodoo priests,
this unprecedented project reveals powerful facets of
the spirituality of voodoo while remaining deeply rooted in the jazz idiom.

Featuring Etienne Charles, Reggie Washington and Ben Williams,
and vocals by Erol Josué, Stephanie McKay and Rozna Zila

In the 21st century, there is no better news for jazz music than Jacques Schwarz-Bart: A sound like a messenger of the Gods, a loyalty to the rhythms, an incandescent furor, a flexibility of melodies played right.” – Le Monde, Francis Marmande

On the tenor saxophone, Brother Jacques has reached a sovereign maturity, where intensity and relaxation mix, half way between Coltrane and Dexter Gordon.” – Jazz Magazine, Stéphane Olivier